Clean Code

  14 hours

Agile and TDD with C

  21 hours

GWT: Write Ajax Web Applications in Java, Deploy as Javascript

  28 hours

Getting Started with Eclipse IDE for Java

  7 hours

Creating Modern GUI Applications with JavaFX

  21 hours

Java 11

  14 hours

Java 16

  14 hours

Kotlin for iOS and Android Development

  35 hours

Kotlin for Android Developers

  21 hours

Advanced Kotlin Programming

  21 hours

Kotlin for Beginners

  21 hours

Functional Reactive Programming with Java 9 and RxJava

  14 hours

Python for Natural Language Generation

  21 hours

Analyzing Financial Data with Python

  35 hours

Angular 4: Building Web Apps Using the MEAN Stack

  35 hours

Angular 4: Advanced

  21 hours

Angular 2 Development

  28 hours

Angular 5

  28 hours


  21 hours


  35 hours

Cuba Platform for Enterprise Application Development

  7 hours

Coding for Non-Coders

  21 hours

PHP 7: Building High-Performance Web Applications

  7 hours

Advanced PHP Programming

  35 hours

Developing Web Applications with Ruby on Rails

  35 hours

Microservice Patterns: Migrating from a Monolithic to a Microservice Architecture with .Net

  14 hours

Building Microservices with Node.js and Seneca

  14 hours

Building Microservices with Go

  28 hours

Zend Framework: Advanced Concepts

  21 hours

Zend Framework: Fundamentals

  21 hours

Python for Excel

  14 hours

Python: Machine Learning with Text

  21 hours

Text Summarization with Python

  14 hours

Machine Learning with Python – 4 Days

  28 hours

Deep Learning for Banking (with Python)

  28 hours

Deep Learning for Finance (with Python)

  28 hours

Advanced Machine Learning with Python

  21 hours

Relay: Efficiently Fetch Data in React Applications

  14 hours

Apache TomEE

  7 hours

iOS (iPhone and iPad Development - Apple) in Swift for iOS 12 and Xcode 10 - Swift 4.1 Training Course

  35 hours

Kotlin for iOS Developers

  21 hours

Unit Testing with Javascript

  7 hours

Unit Testing with Python

  21 hours

Unit Testing with C#

  14 hours

Unit Testing with Haskell

  7 hours

Apache Shiro: Securing Your Java Application

  7 hours

Vert.x: Build a Reactive Application on JVM

  14 hours

Reactive Programming with Javascript and ReactiveX

  14 hours

Reactive Programing with Rx.NET

  7 hours

Reactive Programming with Javascript and RxJS

  7 hours

Reactive Programming with Angular RxJS

  14 hours

Continuous Integration for JavaScript

  14 hours

Jenkins for .Net Continuous Integration (CI)

  14 hours

IoT Programming with JavaScript

  21 hours

IoT Programming with PHP

  14 hours

Go for Systems Programming

  35 hours

Learning Go Programming

  28 hours

Advanced Go Programming

  21 hours

Data Analysis with Tableau and Python

  14 hours

Matlab for Predictive Analytics

  21 hours

Matlab for Prescriptive Analytics

  14 hours

SpecFlow: Implementing BDD for .NET

  21 hours

Spec Explorer: Model Based Testing on .NET

  14 hours

RabbitMQ with .NET

  14 hours

Building Chatbots in Python

  21 hours

Symfony 4 for Web Application Development

  28 hours

Behat: Behavior Driven Development (BDD) with PHP

  14 hours

Learn Object-Oriented Programming with Python

  14 hours

Computer Vision with Python

  14 hours

Python for Geographic Information System (GIS)

  21 hours

IoT Programming with Python

  14 hours

Ruby programming

  21 hours

Mathematica - wprowadzenie, wizualizacja i prezentacja danych

  14 hours


  14 hours

Blockchain Development: Creating Decentralized Applications with .Net

  14 hours

Advanced TypeScript

  7 hours

Underscore.js Fundamentals

  7 hours


  21 hours

Vue 3

  7 hours

F#: Introduction to Functional Programming

  14 hours

F# for Data Science

  21 hours

Unit Testing with F#

  7 hours

React Native for Web

  21 hours

Undertow: Embed a Web Server into Your Application

  7 hours


  7 hours

Property Based Testing with ScalaCheck

  21 hours

Spring 5

  21 hours

Writing Simpler Cleaner Code with C++ 17

  7 hours

Introduction to LaTex

  14 hours

C++ for Embedded Systems

  21 hours


  14 hours

Ionic3: Building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps with Ionic3 and Angular4

  7 hours

Testing Angular Applications

  14 hours

NativeScript with Angular 2

  7 hours

NativeScript with Angular 4

  7 hours

NativeScript for iOS and Android Development

  7 hours

Continuous Integration with Jenkins and Maven

  21 hours

Building Interactive Applications with React, Redux and GraphQL

  28 hours

Unit Testing with PHPUnit

  14 hours

Akka Fundamentals

  21 hours

Groovy Programming

  21 hours

Scripting and Testing Your Java Application with Groovy

  14 hours


  28 hours

Clojure: A Practical Introduction to Functional Programming

  21 hours

ELI: Getting Started with Array-oriented Programming

  21 hours


  14 hours

Electron: Build a Desktop Application with Javascript

  7 hours


  14 hours


  14 hours


  21 hours


  14 hours


  14 hours

I liked the way of conducting classes and performed exercises. The ideal division of theory and practice. A big plus was the factual translation of ambiguity and answering each question

Izabela Blezień [Building Web Apps using the MEAN stack]

The interaction and enthusiasm he had about the training.

Richard Burgos [Design Patterns in PHP]

The New content I learned.

Victor Cayetano [Design Patterns in PHP]

I mostly was benefit from the exercise.

Jason Wu [Design Patterns in PHP]

I like the support of the trainer and the topics. I came in with a mindset thinking this will be nothing new that I haven't done. But I was surprised of what all I have learned throughout this course. Thank you.

Jorgen Ordonez [Design Patterns in PHP]

I liked the examples and the way he explained.

Sandeep Parashar [VBA For Access & Excel]

The explanation way and including tips on the best practices in VBA/Access, encouraging via exercise to think more by ourselves on how to solve the problem rather than giving ready solutions.

Daria Rudin [VBA For Access & Excel]

Tamil was exceptionally patient and very helpful in figuring out solutions to real needs. He was also very honest about if he didn't know something from the top of his head, which enabled us to quickly jump on in the training and we didn't lose time.

Christine Weiler [VBA For Access & Excel]

It is good to have hands-on exercises after lectures.

bonnie lee [AngularJS Good Practices]

I liked the code examples and the elaboration.

Antony Ho [AngularJS Good Practices]


Rafał Dąbrowski [Javascript And Ajax]

The trainer focused on each persons requirements for the course and tuned the material to suit our goals.

Daniel Watkins [Visual Studio with VB.Net]

I mostly liked the all the in code examples.

  [Node.js for JavaScript Developers]

The code exercises were good and engaging.

  [Node.js for JavaScript Developers]

I was benefit from the hands-on. Lots of help. Lots of space for asking questions and getting answers.

Abdul Zaheer [Node.js for JavaScript Developers]

I really liked creating the Connect middle ware.

  [Node.js for JavaScript Developers]

Examples were relate able.

Yongching Tee [Node.js for JavaScript Developers]

I felt it was the right mix of lecture and practical application.

David Jaggie [Node.js for JavaScript Developers]

I preferred the exercise and learning about the nooks and crannies of Python.

Connor Brierley-Green [Python Programming]

Joey has an infectious enthusiasm about programming. And he was very good at adapting to our needs and interests on the fly.

Randy Enkin [Python Programming]

Many examples made me easy to understand.

Lingmin Cao [Python Programming]

Examples and exercises interspersed with theory, all well portioned

Paweł Wiśniewski [Perl Programming]

Individual approach to training participants

Łukasz Kamiński [Perl Programming]

I like the Doctrine concept in Symphony taken by the trainer. The trainer is more energetic and make the sessions more interactive. I think it is a great capability of the trainer.

Kumaran Chandran [Web Development with Symfony3]

I liked the trainer's communication & knowledge in Symphony 3 and associated technologies. He had taken enough effort to teach and demonstrate with some examples in the respective topics. I can say my symphony knowledge and confidence level is gone up after this training.

Hari Kumar [Web Development with Symfony3]

Abhinav did an excellent job! Within four days he covered all the important concepts that are used in REAL software development. I am so thankful have him as our trainer!.

Vijay Joseph [Web Development with Symfony3]

Manner and knowledge of the teacher.

Małgorzata Kręglewska-Stolarska [Programowanie w ASP.NET MVC 5]

I mostly enjoyed the exercises.

Anna Szumniak [Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Excel - Introduction to programming]

Training agenda was well thought out.

Przemek Zalasinski [Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Excel - Introduction to programming]

I genuinely enjoyed the short exercises.

Mateusz Podsiadlo [Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Excel - Introduction to programming]

The comprehensive knowledge of the guide to all our questions gave answers overwhelming my expectations ... The lecturer conducts great discussions ... He does not lack patience ...

Łukasz Matulewicz [Programowanie w języku Python]

Great knowledge of the lecturer, diversity of tools and practical approach to the topic

Magdalena Stupak [Programowanie w języku Python]

great knowledge of the trainer, how to translate

Renata Cylejowska [Programowanie w języku Python]

way of conducting

HSBC Service Delivery (Polska) Sp. z o.o. [Programowanie w języku C++]

C++ issues were immediately implemented on computers by training participants.

Paweł Musiał [Programowanie w języku C++]

Organizing knowledge about angulars

Kacper Pawłowski [Angular JavaScript]

conducting classes

Iwona Opałka [Angular JavaScript]

Approach to the participant

Alan Łukowski [Angular JavaScript]

Openness of the lecturer, knowledge

Krzysztof Dałek [Angular JavaScript]

a lot of exercise

Małgorzata Jasniecka [Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) w Excel dla analityków]

Possibilities to practice all the knowledge gained during the training in additional tasks.

Wioleta Kubczak [Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) w Excel dla analityków]

Interaction with the teacher, the opportunity to ask hot questions

Grzegorz Ziegert [Administration with Powershell]

a large range of information

Piotr Janicki [Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) w Excel - wstęp do programowania]

problem solving on a regular basis. searching for the most useful elements for trainees.

Dominik Gardo [Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) w Excel - wstęp do programowania]

Fact that customization was taken seriously.

jurgen linsen [Python Programming]

Trainer's help in solving problems

Tomasz Czornak [Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) w Excel - poziom zaawansowany]

Doing live exercises in Excel, and trainer knowledge.

Perceval Pradelle [Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) w Excel - poziom zaawansowany]

practice and installation and use of derivative components needed for training (mysql, tomcat etc.)

Grzegorz Winiarski [Programowanie w języku Java]

communicative way of conducting, simple and understandable language, translation to effect

Agata Wodecka-Barejko [Programowanie w języku Java]

As I was the only participant the training could be adapted to my needs.

Kevin THIERRY [Web Development with Web2Py]

Communication with the trainer willingness to answer questions.

Michał Rajkowski [Administracja serwerem GlassFish]

His very good knowledge and experience.

Jérémy Coppe [Java Programming]

The exercises were great.

Piotr Paprzycki [Programowanie w języku Java]

An individual approach to the listener by the host. Patience and broad knowledge of the host.

Damian Karbowski [Programowanie w języku Java]

The training contained a lot of interesting and well-chosen examples for practical use.

Piotr Walewski [Microsoft Office Excel i Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) dla kontrolerów finansowych i audytorów]

the ability to solve your own problems, solution hints

Anna Klonowska [Programowanie w języku Java]

Live sessions and adjusting the program to expectations

Marek Rodkiewicz [Java Advanced]

Benchmarking GC

Marek Mrowca [Java Performance Tuning]

Knowledge of the teacher and comparison

Katarzyna Kępka [Java Performance Tuning]

He's an experienced trainer with a real life experience in the topic he was teaching. That led the course to cover the most important topics which interests any developer working in the field, and small details would be easily overseen if he was not working in this platform. Moreover, he was giving the course using the latest versions of is and Swift (10 \ 3) and that is a huge advantage to be adapting such new technology in short time.

Abdullah Alaradi - Thiqah Business Services [iPhone and iPad Development in Swift for iOS 8 and Xcode 6]

I did like the exercises.

Office for National Statistics [Natural Language Processing with Python]

Examples used during glazing.


Communicator's communicativeness, many examples from the professional life leading to the sense of usefulness of the presented PowerShell issues

Przemyslaw Pradzynski [PowerShell Master Class]

I genuinely liked the subject.

Eduardo Hernández [AngularJS Basics]

Theoretical and practical knowledge, detailed discussion of the subject, contact with the teacher.

Mariusz Klajnert [Java Performance Tuning]

The teacher's passion and willingness to share knowledge.


Content and the way it was provided.

Marcin Samborski [Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Excel - Advanced]

Examples, programming exercises, dispelling doubts

Dawid Milewski [Wzorce projektowe w C#]


INTEL TECHNOLOGY POLAND SP Z O O [Wzorce projektowe w C#]

application examples

Mateusz Dlugokecki [Wzorce projektowe w C#]

Knowledge and professional approach leading to the topic

Przemysław Prądzyński [Wzorce projektowe w C#]

I liked how the trainer explained the subject. Providing real life example is beneficial.

Rhearose Holonowicz [Java Programming]

It was a compact and well delivered one.

Antonio Rojas [IIS 8 and ASP.NET Administration]

I mostly was benefit from lots of information.

Matthew Wise [Apache Tomcat and Java EE Administration]

I really enjoyed the numerous topics / covered spectrum.

Edward Fennen [Apache Tomcat and Java EE Administration]

Practical exercises related to the context

Guillaume Martens [Web Development with Symfony3]

Personal assistance when I had technical problems :)

Elena Rouvier [Web Development with Symfony3]

humor, availability to answer other types of questions

koen depoorter [Web Development with Symfony3]

Information on practical applications from real projects.

Piotr Czapiewski [Programowanie Java Enterprise J2EE i JBoss (EJB 3.0)]

I liked that there were many exercises, Re activity and flexibility of the Trainer.

Badii Bayoudh [Java Spring]

I liked that I had a chances to play with code during exercises (not only coding, what trainer prepared).

PITERION GmbH [Java Spring]

Comparing strictly technical abstract problems with reality. Translating what you can see in the normal world into the programming language

Paweł Koniec [Programowanie w języku Java]

It was really nice of the trainer that he took a lot of time to answer our questions and helped us improve or gave us hints on how to improve some macros we were already using without fully understanding the code.

David Trieu - CD Projekt SA [Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Excel - Introduction to programming]

Examples and practical tips.

Maciej Kapla [Programowanie w WPF 4.5]

A lot of specific exercises, not pure theory.

Adrian Kwaśniak [Programowanie w WPF 4.5]


Andrzej Żuryński [Tworzenie aplikacji internetowych w języku PHP]

Trainer knowledge about the matter. Exercises done along the training. Trainer was absolutely friendly and approachable.

Jorge Peinado Prado [Apache Tomcat and Java EE Administration]

The trainers deep understanding of the subject matter.

Andrew Gorham [Apache Tomcat and Java EE Administration]

I liked the coach's involvement and good examples

Jakub Kołakowski [Programowanie w WPF 4.5]

Coach with professional experience and skills. Training conducted in a relaxed, and at the same time very positive from the technical side of the atmosphere.

Przemysław Prądzyński [Programowanie w WPF 4.5]

Great Trainer's practical knowledge.

ESCAPE Computer Adam Kunicki [Programowanie w WPF 4.5]

It was interactive. We got to code as we went.

Barnaby Dellar [Ext JS Fundamentals]

Tailored specifically to my needs and lots of Rural examples.

Catherine Redfern [Developing Websites with PHP]

presentation of practical solutions for design patterns.

Pawel Filipek [Wzorce projektowe w C#]

A practical approach to applying patterns

Michał Woźniczka [Wzorce projektowe w C#]

I appreciated Folio's wide breadth of knowledge. Not only was he familiar with the course content, but he also knew of constructs in languages we were familiar with to make examples more meaningful to us. During intervals he shared his knowledge of technologies and solutions outside the training scope to provide insights into other solutions we could use in future (and future training).

Raphael Keymer - Markit Valuations Limited [Developing Desktop Applications with Visual Studio 2012, VB.NET and SQL Server 2012]

I generally was benefit from the hands-on training.

Robert Badeloe [IIS 7 and ASP.NET Administration]

I was benefit from the materials, labs and extensive knowledge shown by the trainer.

Richard Hennessy [Apache Tomcat and Java EE Administration]

I generally enjoyed the practical examples.

Marika Agius [Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for Analysts]

I liked the step by step and hands on realistic data examples.

CARL MIFSUD [Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for Analysts]

I mostly liked the all the in code examples.

  [Node.js for JavaScript Developers]

The code exercises were good and engaging.

  [Node.js for JavaScript Developers]

I really liked creating the Connect middle ware.

  [Node.js for JavaScript Developers]

Other regions in Malta