389 Directory Server for Administrators

  14 hours

FreeIPA for Administrators

  14 hours

Active Directory for Admins

  21 hours

CAS for Administrators

  7 hours

Blockchain: Hyperledger Indy for Identity Management

  14 hours

Identity and Access Management with Okta

  14 hours

OpenLDAP for Linux Systems

  7 hours

OpenLDAP Workshop

  21 hours

Identity and Access Management using OpenAM

  14 hours

OpenDJ for Administrators

  14 hours

I genuinely enjoyed the great information and content.

Dennis Barela [OpenLDAP Workshop]

Trainer's understanding of the Open LDAP product

Patrice Massey - Ville de Montréal [Ateliers OpenLDAP]

Guidance provided by the instructor on the implementation and migration process. The sharing of his knowledge, acquired during his work. Things not to do or to pay attention ..

- Ville de Montréal [Ateliers OpenLDAP]

The interaction with the trainer was very good and open.

Michael Zurek - AXA Services Belgium SA/NV [OpenLDAP Workshop]

I liked being able to understand how openldap works.

Luis Alonso - Acuntia SAU VAT: A80644081 [OpenLDAP Workshop]

I liked the trainer knowledge and the way to explain real cases.

- Acuntia SAU VAT: A80644081 [OpenLDAP Workshop]

It was adaptable to our needs.

- ProQuest [OpenLDAP Workshop]

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