Perl Programming

  21 hours

Text Manipulation using PERL

  21 hours

Examples and exercises interspersed with theory, all well portioned

Paweł Wiśniewski [Perl Programming]

Individual approach to training participants

Łukasz Kamiński [Perl Programming]

Individual approach

Tomasz Sondej - MAHLE Shared Services Sp. z o.o. [Text Manipulation using PERL]

He went very far into detail because we ask him to, and he took the time and explained it in a simple way.

- Allianz Technology GmbH [Perl Programming]

The Trainer took the time to answer all of our questions until satisfied, so we could focus on things that we will need.

Doris Hauser - Allianz Technology GmbH [Perl Programming]

The knowledge of the Trainer, also a big variety of the exercises.

Sergej Onishchuk - Allianz Technology GmbH [Perl Programming]

The best in this training was very good approach of trainer for listeners.

Wojciech Furman - MTU Aero Engines Polska Sp. z o.o. [Perl Programming]

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Perl Consulting