Course Outline

Basic Features

  • Introduction, overview of the interface
  • Basic bitmap graphics, issue resolution raster image building
  • Basic functions, resize, resolution, cropping, rotating, handling curves
  • File types and extensions graphics
  • The basic color correction
  • Tools to blur and sharpen

Managing Colors

  • Color models, color temperature calibration issue
  • Tool selection and their settings, working with selections
  • Methods for conversion to grayscale
  • Tone correction
  • Color correction
  • The effects of color, creativity in color
  • Prepare an image file for printing or development


  • Retouch photos, remove unwanted elements and defects
  • Glamour Retouch (digital make-up)
  • Correction of figures
  • Creative Retouch

Filters, effects and bluring

  • Using filters, the creative use of
  • Styling photos on popular styles
  • Using Iris Blur to create shallow depth of field
  • Using Dodge, Burn and Sponge to alter the finish of a photo
  • Summary and conclusion



  • Proficiency in computer usage
  • Knowledge of the field of digital photography
 7 Hours

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