Application Performance Management (APM) - Focused on the Dynatrace® Software Product

  21 hours

Application Performance Management (APM) with New Relic

  28 hours

Sentry Application Monitoring

  14 hours

ServiceNow for Developers

  35 hours

ServiceNow Application Portfolio Management (APM)

  28 hours

ServiceNow Discovery Fundamentals

  28 hours

ServiceNow for End Users

  7 hours

ServiceNow for Administration

  14 hours

Splunk SignalFX for Infrastructure Monitoring

  14 hours

Honestly I enjoyed all the time we spent during our training with Laks. He is a great training and a great knowledge distributor to trainees. He was very entertaining in a good way that make us more understand the subject of matter. I will say, it's been a great opportunity! Kudos to Laks :)

Loreto III Velez - cxLoyalty [ServiceNow for Developers]

The trainer was able to introduce us to ServiceNow with better approach so we can able to understand each courses and guided us very well if we have questions or facing difficulties with activities.

April Annie Abrenica - cxLoyalty [ServiceNow for Developers]

Knowledge, the rapport and the training style.

Alvin Moratalla - cxLoyalty [ServiceNow for Developers]

赵 欣 - 恩梯梯数据(中国)信息技术有限公司西安分公司 []

The learning method.

Arfan Bin Fakhri - Iverson Associates Sdn Bhd [Application Performance Management (APM) with Dynatrace]

he friendly and flexible

Iverson Associates Sdn Bhd [Application Performance Management (APM) with Dynatrace]

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